Vinnie and Bella

Shawu (previously named Vinnie) and Bella's story

Rhino poachers orphaned Shawu (previously named Vinnie) when he was only about two months old.  In one brutal incident, his entire family was gunned down and the small calf fled for his life.  Alone and traumatized, and in a panicked state the young animal fell down a rock embankment and was seriously injured in the fall. 

Despite overwhelming odds, he managed to survive and was introduced to another orphan called Bella. 

When it became time for them to be moved to permanent homes the SanWild Wildlife Trust in South Africa lodged a Crown Fundraising Campaign and with the help of some wonderful people Shawu and Bella was soon relocated to the safety of an Intensive Protection Zone. 

After a couple of weeks, a new permanent home was sourced for Bella on a nearby farm where she joined a herd of Brahman cattle.  Shawu was released to join up with the other rhinos in this protected reserve where he will eventually find a mate of his own.