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Once rhino poaching survivors have been relocated to Intensive Protection Zones our responsibility of ensuring their long-term welfare and safety does not end there and it is our intention to continue to remain one step ahead of poaching syndicates by adapting and adjusting our security strategies and demands as the situation on the ground changes.

In addition to high security and fence maintenance these rhinos need reliable water supplies throughout the protected area, veterinary check-ups and treatment if and when necessary, supplement feeding in times of drought and 24/7 monitoring by foot patrols; and/or camera traps and drone surveillance to ensure that they be kept safe and can live the lives they deserve.

If you would like to continue to support the rhinos that have found safe refuge in some of the Intensive Protection Zones please do consider fostering a rhino of your choice for an amount of your own choice.


  • We all love good news stories and are overjoyed when an orphaned rhino or poaching survivor can be saved, but the reality is that recent attacks on rhino orphanages in South Africa and a zoo just outside Paris clearly illustrate the need for on-going support and close protection to ensure their survival.  You can now support poaching survivors in South Africa and ensure that they get the protection they need.
  • Your donations will be used to employ close protection operatives for the rescued rhinos that will shadow them in the wild 24/7 to ensure that poachers will not be able to get to them and to provide them with the equipment needed to execute their jobs effectively.

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Sponsor a rescued rhino

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