Nellie's story

Poachers wounded Nellie twice, but despite being badly injured she survived. 

Unfortunately, at the time she was wounded two other rhinos were killed on the same night and Nellie’s owner, traumatized by the horrific incident, decided to sell the two remaining rhinos.   They were both purchased and relocated to a commercial rhino farm, but Nellie simply could not settle down. 

Maybe it was the trauma of being wounded that made her very submissive or maybe she just could not adjust to her new environment and the close proximately of many other rhinos and the daily visits of humans she clearly fears.  Whatever the reasons may or may not be;

Nellie’s owner decided to sell her and Wild Africa in conjunction with the SanWild Wildlife Trust, Duffy and World Animal News stepped in and lodged a successful Crowd Funding campaign to buy Nellie and relocated her to safety in March 2017. 

On arrivial Nellie was put into a temporary holding boma where she was carefully observed to ensure that she was well enough to be returned to the wild where she will be able to give birth and raise her young.