Big Boy

Big Boy's story

In October 2016, the SanWild Wildlife Trust in conjunction with Wild Africa Conservation Fund launched a Generosity Crowd Funding Campaign to save a 10 year old Rhino Bull from a trophy hunt that was being advertised by Global Hunting Resources on the internet. Rhino bulls live up to the ripe old age of 50 and only become sexually mature when they are between 10 and 12 years of age. This rhino bull was in the very beginning of his “adult” life and didn’t have the opportunity yet to pass on his genes to an ever diminishing rhino population.  
There was an overwhelming response from the public at large and in less than a month we managed to raise the necessary funds to purchased him from the hunting outfitter. Within days, Big Boy, as we ended up calling him was relocated to an Intensive Protection Zone where he was kept in a temporary holding boma (stockade) to acclimatise to his new environment.
He was released two weeks later to join up with other rhino poaching survivors living on the 5000 hectare sanctuary. Big Boy has since joined up with a rhino-cow named Tshu and it is hoped that this love story will culminate in the birth of a rhino baby. 
On-going donations are needed to help fund the counter poaching units on the Intensive Protection Zone to ensure that Big Boy and Tshu can continue to live in the wild while being protected by close-protection operatives.  If you would like to assists by donating to keep them safe, please click on the icon below.

Rhino Hunting in South Africa

Update on Big Boy - February 2017