About WACF

About Wild Africa Conservation Fund

Wild Africa Conservation Fund is a USA registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2015 by documentary film maker Didi Schoeman, Dr. Gary Kessler and Kathy Kessler from Bellingham Washington to assist small conservation initiatives in Southern Africa. Most of these small charities face enormous challenges to raise the necessary funding that they need to continue their valuable work on the ground.
Fundraising is a full-time endeavor that ends up swallowing valuable time and energy that could and should be used on the actual conservation projects themselves. 
As we focus our attention on endangered species we have decided to identify projects that specifically deal with endangered animals such as rhino and pangolin threatened with extinction by poaching.
As the rhino poaching epidemic in South Africa continues to spiral out of control, most private and corporate sponsorships that smaller organizations depended on have been diverted to larger national anti-rhino poaching organizations that in many instances do not delivered the required results in ending the crisis.
This shift in focus has seen funding dry up for smaller conservation and rehabilitation centers, who in general, are the ones on the ground doing the actual conservation work.
Wild Africa Conservation Fund’s objective is to help raise funds to ensure the survival of these smaller conservation organizations, who through their valuable work, help save endangered species.
 After graduating from Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria with a N.Dip in Film & Video Technology, Didi Schoeman embarked on an international film making career working on wildlife and travel documentaries which have been broadcasted on channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, MNET and ZDF. He is the owner and founder of ProAfrica TV and CEO of farming, forestry and saw-milling companies Halewood Holdings and Molani Estates, based in Tzaneen, South Africa.

Gary Kessler is a philosopher who is dedicated to conservation and ecology. He graduated with a Ph.D. from Columbia University in New York City and has taught philosophy courses at various universities. His love for nature and conservation began during his youth on numerous camping trips and summers spent as a counsellor at Boy Scout camps and Yellowstone National Park. Katy, introduced Gary to Africa and over the years they have travelled to several game sanctuaries to learn about the work that is being done to rescue and protect endangered species. Their experiences have inspired Gary to become more deeply involved in conservation activities in Africa and to include a section on environmental issues with animal ethics in his widely used textbook, “Voices of Wisdom".

Katy Kessler is a Graduate of CSUB with degrees in History, Art History, and Photography. Her team taught Native American and culture classes. She also worked as an administrative specialist at CSUB with the Kegley Institute of Ethics and has done extensive photographic work on African animals for educational presentations. Sharing a deep passion for wildlife with her husband Gary, they travel together to South Africa regularly visiting various game sanctuaries to volunteer with conservation projects with the aim of supporting animal welfare.

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